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Rock N Rolla

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Johan Hugo (Radioclit) just made a remix of UK mc Kano. I just got this on my mailbox, and I had to share it, it’s pure heat!

Kano – Rock n Rolla (Johan Hugo remix)

Original track vid:

Best of 2009

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It’s always hard to remember all the good or bad things that happened during a year. But I’ll give it a try with my (non-exhaustive) list of the tops and flops of 2009:


– The Copenhagen conference failure
– Deaths of: David Carradine, Dash Snow, Vic Chestnutt, Michael Jackson, Claude Levi-Strauss, Brittany Murphy,…
– Buju Banton arrested in Miami with 20 kilos of coke, we shouldn’t be hearing new music from him in a while because of that…
– Overdose of autotune (I mean I like it, but it’s just too much sometimes)


– Berlusconi attacked in Roma :
– Chavez quote at Copenhagen conference: “If the climate was a bank, they would have saved it already”…
– Soca
– Ghislain Poirier
– Snoop Doggy Dogg, qu’est-ce qu’on attend?

Best albums (in no particular order):

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Schlachthofbronx – Schlachthofbronx
Bike for Three – More Heart Than Brains
Moderat – Moderat
Major Lazer – Guns don’t kill people lazers do
Julian Casablancas – Phrazes for the Young
Harmonic 313 – When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

Best newcomers/confirmations:

I have been really enjoying the new uk scene with dubstep/uk funky crossover sounds with producers emerging like L-Vis 1990, Joy Orbison, Roska, Dj Mosca…

But also the cosmopolitan ethnic house which got bigger in 2009 with guys like Douster, Solo, Chief Boma, Mujava, and many more style poping up from all over the world!

Best blogs: (best chronic of the worldwide bass movement) (best radio show) (best podcast)

And also the others linked in the blogroll of course!

I almost forgot this little gift i found at Man rec.’s blog: It’s a mashup ep by João Brasil perfect to play at the nye for example 😛
Get it here

Lay me down

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Fucking epic remix by L-Vis 1990 of Sissy Nobby available since today on the “Lay Me Down” remix EP. A serious pretender for the best of 2009 which is coming this week on the blog…

I will spit on your grave

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This is surely the best mixtape i’ve heard in a while. I know i like to use superlatives on this blog but i only share stuff i found to be pretty good…

Anyways, the artwork alone make it worth listening. It is designed by Shepard Fairey for his imprint Obey.

This mix features abstract hip-hop, raw and obscure beats ranging from cosmic disco to dark jazzy joints. A real musical trip!

The Gaslamp Killer – I Spit On Your Grave mixtape:

Cold Love

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So earlier this year i was introducing you to the Fouck Brothers an electro rock trio from Brussels… Well, it seems like they are starting to get big… Indeed, they just won the remix contest for the track The Cut by Soldout and they are going to be featured on The Cut ep. Their first ep is also on its way and is going to be released on the French imprint: Paranoiak records.

In the meantime you can watch this live teaser of the Fouck Brothers and download their massive remix of Ghinzu + other exclusive material coming from the Paranoiak roster:

Ghinzu – Cold Love (The Fouck Brothers Remix)

The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So (Major Minor Remix)

The Blisters Boyz – Scream

The Blisters Boyz – Cheval de Bois

African by the Bay

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Free and legal music for yall with this great collection of tracks and remixes by San Francisco producer Chief Boima.

African By The Bay EP is a potent batch of new stateside rap tunes given the remix treatment by Boima, our favorite African-American (in the Obama sense) producer, whose trail-blazing approach weds percussive patterns from sounds like Ivorian Coupe Decale and Senegalese Mbalax. (Not to mention Angolan Kuduro, Nigerian Club, and South African Kwaito, and his Sierra Leonean Highlife and Palm-Wine refix of Cold Flamez “Miss Me, Kiss Me”.)”

Download the EP here

Thanks to the Dutty Artz crew for sharing this!


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Andy Milonakis is back with his crazy rhymes on a great riddim by Swedish producers: Savage Skulls.

Savage Skulls feat. Andy Milonakis – Chickentown