South-African Bangers

It seems that South-Africa has been a kind of goldmine lately. Last year we had the amazing Township Funk from Mujava, awesome kwaito tunes from Dj Cleo, all the work from Spoek Mathambo and his other projects (Slush Puppy Kids, Sweat.x, Playdoe,…)  and more recently with dj Sdunkero

While the blogosphere is staring at the zef (redneck) side of South Africa with Die Antwoord, i have to say that i was kinda turned off when i heard them dissin Spoek in their track Fish Paste… I know it’s the rap game and shit but anyways  i wanted to share some other upcoming artists from S-A who aren’t hype (yet).

First of all i wanted to introduce you Jumping Back Slash. That guy has a kind of unique way to mix classic kwaito with cosmic, futuristic sounds and melodies. So catchy and full of emotions… He has just signed on Pollinate Records so don’t forget to check his future releases!

In the meantime you can download these two afrotronical bangers on his soundcloud page:

On a rougher note we have the great mc Baka who recently teamed up with his mate Soundproof to make the Jam Jar project. They did an amazing dubstep/rap track called Neck Low that you can download/listen here:

And last but not least, the Cape Town based imprint African Dope records is giving away a shitload of goodies for free on his soundcloud page (god i love that site). The mixtape Cape Town is dope by Fletcher, that i shared a few months ago is still there, and still sounds dope (in case you missed it earlier)…


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