Canblaster – Jetpack

French wunderkind Canblaster releases his long awaited first ep called Jetpack on Sumo Records. We have a little taster over here:

Canblaster – Jetpack (Talk Remix) [d/l]

Buy the rest of the ep here.

As a bonus here is a mixtape by Canblaster, check the playlist after the jump

Canblaster – Jetpack Mixtape [d/l]

If you’re in Brussels this Friday don’t miss him at Les Vendredis Nancy at the Wood. More infos.

Tracklist :
Technasia – Sounds of Solar Oscilations
Canblaster – J.A.P.A.N Claps (Ballroom Mix)
The Living Islands – Empire (Sam Tiba remix)
Canblaster – ????? (Forthcoming Nightshifters)
NGUZUNUGUZU – Got U (Canblaster & Berou remix)
ManarĂ© – Blitzkrieg Riddim
Hercules – 7 Ways
Zeppy Zep – Marillon
DJ MikeQ – Diva Work (feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline)
Kingdom – Fogs
Canblaster – JETPACK
The Cheerz – Esta Loca (Myd remix)
The Mike Deliquent Project – Dancehall
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Djemeregne (Canblaster remix)
Loops of Fury – Rack ’em (Bambounou remix, Canblaster reedit)
Toddla T feat. Wayne Marshall – Sky Surfing (Douster remix)
Lorenzo Vektor – Turn it Up (Canblaster remix)
Four Tet – Sing (Mosca remix)
Deep Chord – Vantage Isle (
Canblaster – Thunderdome Got Crunk (Chaos in the CDB Smooth Crunk Edit)

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