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Crystal Fighters

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Discovered by the French imprint Kitsuné, the Crystal Fighters are about to release their highly awaited first LP.

They are coming from Spain and the thing about them is that they are not afraid to integrate traditional Basque instruments like the txalaparta into their “nu-rave” sounds. On the other side, like they mentioned in their first single I love London, they are highly influenced by the British dance sounds like 2step, garage and dubstep. These British influences are very present on their new single (which came out the 20th September) Follow/Swallow. The track Swallow is indeed a pure dubstep track with great folk guitar…

Have a listen here:

Real Gallis

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So Shifty keeps the carnival vibe going with their third remix of  Busy Signal. And it’s still massive!

Busy Signal – Real Gallis (So Shifty remix)