Soundcloud Roundup #1

Starting this week we open a Soundcloud roundup containing, each week, the most promising artists or already established ones who share their new tunes for free on Soundcloud…

We start this week’s roundup with Sonora the Texan producer who brings us a Boombahchero track filled with balkan trumpets:

Sonora – Cik Cik 2.0

And here is another one by Sonora,  Cumbiaton this time:

Sonora – Paraiso:

If you like this kind of slowed down rhytms you will most likely enjoy this banger by Obeyah in a pure moombathon style:

Loopers – I want it to rock (Obeyah moombathon remix)

We accelerate the tempo for this last one and we head over France with Hybu. He shares with us a bassline garage track which was supposed to be released two years ago but never did. Anyways here is it:

Hybu – The Hedonist:

2 Responses to “Soundcloud Roundup #1”

  1. Perhaps you ought to also credit who led you to some of these tunes, don’t ya think? Like for example Gen Bass

    • thezombiesnakecharmer Says:

      Hey UMB i don’t know what you mean, i found these tracks on soundcloud through my dashboard…
      I noticed that you posted Obeyah as well on Gen Bass but i only saw it in the comments on soundcloud.
      I haven’t got the time to check genbass this week. And i always appreciate the work you’re doing there! Sorry if you thought i was “stealing” or something i’m not like that…

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