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Santa Flaws

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Prince Zimboo – Santa Flaws (Douster remix)

Merry Christmas!

ps: probably a repost, but it’s that time of the year 🙂

Charge up

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This soca anthem for the alcoholics finally got his video clip ready for the beginning of the carnival season!


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South Wales producer/dj team C.R.S.T. drops an amazing remix of the XX’s track Shelter.

In the meantime we are still waiting for the first release of Jamie XX on Numbers…

When does this come out?

Monday Mixup #16

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MM are back this week with a brand new balkan mix from Globalibre Dj team’s member DJ Badre.

tracklist after the jump.

And as a huge bonus: a big giveaway from Serbian finest balkan duo Shazalakazoo! If you have the chance to catch them live be sure not to miss them. I saw them two weeks ago in Brussels and they rocked! Their balkan bass accompanied by electric violin and a flute got the crowd going mad till the early hours, even the promoters were pissed because they had to close the venue :).

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Soundcloud Roundup #3

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This roundup will be focused on heavy dubstep, so not for the faint hearted!

Firstly we have a huge Excision giveaway. Don’t get me wrong, i’m talking about the Canadian dubstep genius… He is giving away a shitload of downloadable tracks on his Souncloud page. Here are the best ones (especially those with DZ) in my opinion:

The Tomb Crew remixes the CocknBullkid!

And last but not least: GlĂżph! I think i saw them more than a year ago at a Fucking Beat party and they keep on getting better and better. It’s also nice to see Walloon artists emerge from the scene, so big props to them.

Grab these two freebies + two fresh dj mixes over here:

Slippery Slope

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The French/Finnish band The Do is back with a new video. It’s coming from their new EP Dust It Off which comes out this Monday on Itunes.