Soundcloud Roundup #4

You can’t get enough from hearing moombahcore tunes, don’t you think? At least, i can’t, this style is so infectious and mind blowing…

The excellent Belgian producer Max le Daron refixes an upcoming track from Panteros 666 in a pure moombahcore style, huge banger!

Panteros 666 – Kegstand (Max le Daron Moombahcore refix)

To find more moombahton and moombahcore tracks, head over Generation Bass, they recently did a huge post with a lot of these bangers!

In a chillier style, Andres Digital from Germany brings us a great cumbia mash-up from latin to reggae to hip-hop (and even a part from the French pop singer Alizée) on a cumbia riddim, really fresh!

Andres Digital – Bless the Cumbia

Another Belgian producer as his name can tell, LeBelgeElectrod, member of the amazing act Ganja White Night, is sharing a remix he did of Pendulum. Great production skills once again for a great dubstep track:

Pendulum – Distress Tarantula (LeBelgeElectrod Remix)

If you like his style, be sure to check this number as well, this is not dubstep like the tag says, this is beyond dubstep!

LeBelgeElectrod – Budgie’s Attack

Edit: it seems that the guys from Hat’n’Hoodie were a few hours faster than me on the two first tracks

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