Bombaman – mmeelloo ssttaarr

“mmeelloo ssttaarr” is a shocking collection of tracks that crosses barriers between heavy Dubstep, after-party Techno, and plain old noise.  Comprised of 4 blistering original tracks, this is a slightly different sound than you’re used to hearing from Bombaman – it’s big, it’s dark, and it’s heavy!

The EP starts with the title track, “mmeelloo ssttaarr”, an epic tune full of neon synths and breathy vocals – it gets stuck in your head! “Diminished Separation” collides Brazilian drums against a fuzzy sub for a real late-night vibe.  But there’s no messing around with “Butch Status” as it’s hard as piss Dubstep for three years from now – super-low and dirty. We round out the originals with “Harem Scarem”, a bouncy tropical inspired noise-romp through FM frequencies sure to get dance floors to pogo! We have 2 additional remixes this time. Our man TALK pulls way back on “mmeelloo ssttaarr” – twisting and shaping it into a melancholic dup-tech soundtrack for a movie you almost remember. We finish up the EP with Uggle’s subwoofer punishing atmospheric journey into deep space. It’s quite a ride all in all!

Bombaman – Mmeelloo ssttaarr EP (direct link)


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