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Ophex – Gringo de Janeiro

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Ophex from Vilnius Lithuania releases a real fun and free album sharing his own take on baile funk. Here is what he has to say about it:

11 tracks, 11 attempts for gringo to become a funkiero.
The album is all about baile funk, but from a bit different, fun perspective. Every tune has a huge amount of samples – some unrecognisable, some are pretty obvious. There was no intention to hide them – that is absolutely acceptable in the favelas. That‘s what a gringo would want, right – to be accepted inna di ghetto:) Anyways, Gringo de Janeiro – a warm, simple and fun experience. No hidden messages, no mind penetrations, just pure tropical entertainment. Enjoy!

Alors on danse

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Alors On Danse by our Belgian pride Stromae his hitting the first place of many charts across Europe (N°1 in Germany, Swiss, Italy, France, Greece, Netherlands and of course Belgium). It even got to Brazil where the baile funk legend: DJ Edgar made his own baile funk remix. You can download it below:

Stromae – Alors On Danse (Dj Edgar Funk remix) [d/l]

Bonus: Prodigy – Breathe (Dj Edgar Funk Mix)

Alors on danse original video:

Monday Mixup #9

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We’re heading over Brazil on this MM#9.

Baile funk with high quality, Dj Edgar just made an awesome selection of his brand new remixes and tracks together with some of his classic tracks, get it here:

Dj Edgar –  Past-Present-Future Mixtape 2010

Sany Pitbull from Rio is spreading the carnival vibes with this short mix shared by Man Recordings:

Dj Edgar new mixtape

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Baile funk legend Dj Edgar drops a new mixtape with a alot of exclusives remixes of Buraka Som Sistema, Dj Mujava and even Cher…

Dj Edgar – Mixtape 2010