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Christmas freebie roundup

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Christmas is coming this weekend and a lot of producers and dj’s are dropping freebies so here’s a little roundup of the things you MUST get before closing the 2011 chapter.

1. Bombaman – Some Swell view VIP [for the ravers]

dl link HERE

Bombaman drops some other free tracks on his soundcloud but this one is the most powerful, the original version was already sick but this vip version adds a little unexpected twist to it.

2. J-Wow – Diva (W.OW. mix) [for the kuduro heads]

J-Wow from Buraka som Sistema and founder ot the much loved Enchufada records share this bootleg of Beyonce he did a couple of years ago: for the kuduro heads!

3. The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence [for the lovers]

The über hyped future rnb outfit the Weeknd share a free album containing great refixes of tracks by Michael Jackson or even April March!

Get the free album on their site

4. Akwaaba – Sem Transporte compilation [another one for the kuduro heads]

Akwaaba’s manager was complaining yesterdayon twitter about the thing that 9 outta 10 tweets about kuduro were refering to Danza kuduro, and to fix this (but also for Christmas) they take us back to the roots of kuduro with some of the roughest tunes coming straight  from Angola on this great compilation. Name your price on bandcamp or get for free if you’re already broke 

5. Spoek Mathambo – Nombolo One

South-African stakhanovist/hyperactive dj/rapper/producer/fashion icon Spoek Mathambo shares with us his latest project Nombolo One. This project goes back to the original south-african kwaito sound.

Name your price or get for free:

6. Jumping Back Slash – 2 freebies [afrotronical kwaito]

To conclude this post we stay in South_Africa with one of my favorite producers around: jumping Back Slash. He shares with us two tracks to thank everyone who pushed his music forward in 2011. The first one is a dubby kwaito tune and the second pushes the bpm higher with a catchy kwaito bassline.

Bombaman – mmeelloo ssttaarr

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“mmeelloo ssttaarr” is a shocking collection of tracks that crosses barriers between heavy Dubstep, after-party Techno, and plain old noise.  Comprised of 4 blistering original tracks, this is a slightly different sound than you’re used to hearing from Bombaman – it’s big, it’s dark, and it’s heavy!

The EP starts with the title track, “mmeelloo ssttaarr”, an epic tune full of neon synths and breathy vocals – it gets stuck in your head! “Diminished Separation” collides Brazilian drums against a fuzzy sub for a real late-night vibe.  But there’s no messing around with “Butch Status” as it’s hard as piss Dubstep for three years from now – super-low and dirty. We round out the originals with “Harem Scarem”, a bouncy tropical inspired noise-romp through FM frequencies sure to get dance floors to pogo! We have 2 additional remixes this time. Our man TALK pulls way back on “mmeelloo ssttaarr” – twisting and shaping it into a melancholic dup-tech soundtrack for a movie you almost remember. We finish up the EP with Uggle’s subwoofer punishing atmospheric journey into deep space. It’s quite a ride all in all!

Bombaman – Mmeelloo ssttaarr EP (direct link)