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New Moderat track!

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Brand new Moderat track played live yesterday at the Astra in Berlin.

Let’s all go to Berlin and eat döners

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While everyone is celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall today i wanted to talk about another major event which happened in Berlin…

I name: the invention of the döner kebab, this Turkish meal known by many (especially after long nights out), but often under different names. Indeed the Turkish name is döner kebab and means rotating grilled meat, but in France they call it a “grec” (French readers can read here why) and in Belgium I noticed some places where they call it döner but it’s quite rare, the dürüm usually replaces it.

Although the origins of this dish come from the Ottoman empire in the XVII th century, it is said that it was “recreated” in Kreuzberg (district of Ost-Berlin) in 1971. And it was in a restaurant called Hasir. Some of you might recognize that name thanks to Modeselektor’s homage on their album Hello Mom.

Speaking of them, I realized that I forgot to share their Resident Advisor podcast which I found amazing and so inspirational. So here is it:

Modeselektor – Resident Advisor podcast 173

Tracklist after the jump: Continue reading

Prosaic Sunday

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Shitmat – More Fire (93′ Ting Mix)

Modeselektor – We Do It Too