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Stereotyp – Play my song

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Sunday Hangover part deux

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Another selection of music to accompany your hangover/chill-out/rest/lazyness on this Sunday.

Stereotyp the barefoot master from Vienna is a very versatile producer, he is now even into dark jazz:

You’re in a happier mood but your tinitus hasn’t gone yet: then listen to this under-water disco made by T E A M S from Miami:

Soundcloud Roundup#2

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This week we have kwaito, barefoot dancehall and deep dubstep.

From South-Africa, Sibot, the dj from Sweat.x (project with Spoek Mathambo) shares 5 unreleased kwaito riddims:

One of our favorites producers of South-Africa, Jumping Back Slash, made a remix of this rnb classic from Dru-Hill. Witness the afrotronic freshness!

We go over Austria to find the barefoot king Stereotyp aka Ku Bo. He teams up this time with the multi-format MC Coppa to make a barefoot/dancehall track called Big Flows:

Last but not least, UK producer Simbad remixes Burial’s Fostercare. This track is geting massive support from Kode9 and the Hyperdub family, they can’t be wrong… Witness the deepness!



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Recently, I was reading an article about the music innovations in the beginning of the 21st century. And one of the conclusions they were making was that no new significative music style had emerged during this period… One might disagree about this since we can name grime and dubstep in UK for example (dubstep, as we all know, is now a worldwide movement). But yeah,… it came from a mixture of dub, drum & bass, and 2step so not really a new style if you take it this way. On the other hand it is almost impossible to create a new musical genre in the 21st century. Since all seems to have already been made, the only thing to do is recycle and combine different styles… Again, this has been made too (many times). But by creating such new sub-genres you create new codes who will set the basics for any track of the genre (for instance all the dubstep tracks are 140bpm).

That’s why I find the concept of “barefoot” so interesting and innovating. Barefoot is a new musical style with dub, grime, drum&bass, dancehall,… elements but combined without tempo restrictions nor particular codes to respect. Stereotyp and the Crunchtime crew from Vienna theorized this new genre and provided us the first barefoot tunes. Some also call it post-dancehall but imo, that gives an idea of what to expect. With barefoot you can expect the unexpected and that’s why it’s so refreshing.

Check some barefoot tunes and mix:

If you want to know more about barefoot you can check this great interview of Stereotyp here: and check this articles about barefoot on the almighty Generation Bass

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